Wallabies After School Club

Our After School Clubs start when School ends and finish at 5:30pm

We collect from Bolney Primary School 

What happens each day?

We start the afternoon getting ready for the children who will be joining us and say goodbye to our preschoolers who are going home.

Our trained, experienced, caring staff then take our walking bus up to meet the booked in children at the school gate. We can't be missed as we  wear hi-vis jackets, so we can see every child we pick up and keep them safe(West Sussex Guidelines). 

What we do

During the session children will be encouraged to play, both indoors and out. We have board games, puzzles, internet access, lego, crafts and lots more. Children will have space to sit and complete homework with adult assistance close at hand.
Internet access will be on a token basis. Each child will be given 1 token which entitles them to 20 minutes wifi time to use for leisure or homework purposes. Site content will be closely monitored and parental settings are on our devices. additional research for homework time will be at the group leaders discretion.


Children are encouraged to sign in which is overseen by the staff.

Everybody arrives hungry and thirsty and the fruit bowl and water are available.

Afternoon Tea

We offer Afternoon Tea each day at 5pm(this can be hot or cold depending upon the time of year).

The food provided varies to ensure a balanced diet, we try our best to avoid large quantities of fat, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and colourings, and take into account any additional specific dietary requirements.

Afternoon Tea and snacks are provided by the club and are included in the fees at no extra cost.

Our snack table has water and fresh fruit available throughout the session.

The monthly menu is displayed her and within the setting.

Children are encouraged to help setting the tables, preparing the snack and serving and clearing too.